28 November 2013


77 Swanston St
Melbourne Vic 3000

Waffee Waffles+Coffee on Urbanspoon

A new waffle store has opened up in the heart of Melbourne CBD. They have a few different flavours such as white chocolate or milk chocolate topping and a unique raspberry and white chocolate one too. My favourite one from here has got to be the chocolate stick waffle $3.60. Chocolate stick enclosed in the waffle that melts as you eat it! It also has a slightly caramalized texture which is nice and leaves a toffee like after taste feeling. Most of their items vary between 3-4 dollars, so there's nothing stopping me from visiting here for a cheap and quick treat or breakfast! 

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  1. i also have been there: http://newintstudents.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/waffee-waffee-coffee-opens-in-city.html