29 September 2013

Shophouse Kitchen

Shophouse Kitchen
QV shopping centre
210 Lonsdale St

T: (03) 9639 6663

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My sister who is extremely picky with food and places she eats at actually commented that this place "wasn't bad". It's very rare that she'll comment positively about Asian casual dining that I had to come here asap and try for myself!

Shophouse kitchen is a Hongkong cafe (also known as "cha chan tan") with taiwanese influence.  They have an extensive and nicely designed menu (probably the largest I've seen!) ranging from typical HK food such as baked rice, all kinds of fried/soup noodles, roast meats to dumplings. I actually had such a hard time deciding that I just over ordered ... like always :P

Fried Chicken wings ~$6 . These were quite alright, they weren't overly oily but still had a nice crunchy texture. It wasn't outstanding so I would probably order the other fried foods next time. 

Baked rice with chicken chop with curry sauce $11.50. This is one of their signature dishes and I can see why they would recommend it too. There's a choice of white, tomato or curry sauce. The sauce here is very typical of Hong kong cafes and is thinner and more flavoursome/spicier then Japanese curry. My favourite part was mixing the sauce with fried rice together, perfect comfort food. Most places only have white rice underneath (soooo boring !) , so the fried rice was a bonus touch. 

Sauteed bok choy with garlic $9.  I always have a habit of ordering a vegetable dish to balance out the meal. One comment: This has got to be the ugliest cut vegetables that I have ever seen. Apart from that, it had a very subtle garlic taste and surprisingly wasn't starchy either. 

For a quick, reasonably priced Chinese meal in a clean environment, I would head to Shophouse kitchen again. They have so much more on the menu that I want to try!

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