04 September 2013


Basement of 407-409 Swanston St
Melbourne Vic 3000

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**Cash only**

Hidden right next door to Red Love/Biba hair and down a set of stairs lies Joomak, a late night Korean bar/restaurant. I remember the the first time I went it took me 20 minutes to find the entrance but it was so worth it! There are so many different reasons why I love going here, whether it's for the mango rice wine or yummy korean food. This time I went was after a few drinks on a Friday night when their kitchen closes at 3 am (this may be possible post-clubbing food option apart from Maccas, Chillipadi and Minh Xiong prehaps?)

Chicken drumettes. You can never go wrong with ordering fried chicken drumsticks, they're so tasty and easy to eat! Perfect with some beer too.

Kimchi Pancake. Joomak does a mean version, crispy outer edges and barely soggy.  

Seafood ricecake. This dish was probably the least favourite amongst everyone -there simply just wasn't enough rice cake to go around!! 

Kimchi soup. I really enjoyed this one because I can actually taste the spiciness of the soup unlike most places. So for those who don't take spice well, beware!! 

Egg roll with tomato sauce. This is probably one of my must-order dishes every time I come here. A multilayered egg rolls goes super nicely with tomato sauce, so yummy! 

I definitely recommend everyone who likes Korean food to come to this hidden gem. The whole vibe is quite enjoyable, they play up to date korean music and the dim lights make it perfect for the late night chats or just if you're just feeling supper.  Their drinks are addictive and don't even taste like alcohol at all (if you count out soju!). 

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