10 September 2013

Gami Chicken and Beer

Gami Chicken and Beer
100 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne Vic 3000

T: (03) 9671 3232

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One of my favourite dishes would have to be Korean fried chicken. But sadly, for many of my health conscious friends it isn't , so I barely eat it. On this occasion after I finished work late, I dragged my dad to eat supper with me which happened to be here. Gami has been opened for several years and is quite popular that there are two more stores in the CBD (King st & Healeys lane). I've previously wanted to try this joint out but the lines are so long sometimes!

Fried rice cake with sweet chilli sauce $5. I really wanted to order the Tteok Bok ki but it would be too much for two people to finish. This dish didn't disappoint - the rice cake had a nice crispy outer edge  and the sauce was really addictive too! I had to force myself to stop eating it otherwise I wouldn't fit in the KFC.

Half/half chicken with spicy sauce and original $32. 

The chicken also comes out with perfect accompaniments: pickled radish and coleslaw. It unfortunately was not that nice as I had thought it would be. The original flavour was quite dry. As for the spicy, it was fared slightly better. The spicy sauce kept the chicken more moist and i really felt the heat after a few pieces. 

Overall, Gami didn't fully live up to the hype I was expecting. It wasn't bad, just not the best KFC I've had. If I do return, I'd definitely order the boneless chicken (so difficult to differentiate which piece is what part of the chicken once it's been flavoured!) and avoid choosing the original flavour.

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