02 August 2013

Mart 130

Mart 130
107A Canterbury road
Middle Park Vic 3206

T: (03) 9690 8831

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I'll tell you this now.....Mart 130 is most definitely one of my favourite brunch joints.Their menu is so broad that they have something to suit everyone! Even if you go there frequently, you'll never get bored because they have specials that change so frequently too.

I came here recently one Sunday morning around 9:30am with my family. I blame my little sister on taking forever to get ready that we had to wait 30 minutes for table. I wasn't too annoyed because the wait for this food is so worth it!!

#1 (Thyme roasted mushrooms, rosemary polenta, spinach, poached eggs, truffle hollandaise) $18.5.  This is one of my favourite dishes to order when I'm here. It's done so right in so many different ways, it's definitely a hearty meal. I actually tried making this once and it's quite difficult to make sure the polenta isn't lumpy (or I'm just a really bad cook), which makes me appreciate it much more!

Special big breakfast ~$19.50. This was one of the special's available when we went. In Melbourne, where 99% on the brunch places have their own version of big breakfasts, it's quite hard to stand out. But Mart 130's version certainly does, it's actually really tasty and very good value for the size. 

#5 (Bacon, spinach, caramelized onion and potato hash with poached eggs, hollandaise and toasted focaccia) $18.5. I was surprised that this wasn't a hash brown type dish when it arrived. Nonetheless, the food was enjoyable, but not my favourite Mart dish that's for sure. I would've liked it more if the bacon was cooked more crispier (it was slightly too limp for me and blended in too much with the other components). This dish was sooooo filling I found it difficult to finish (that's saying something) and I was still full by the time it was dinner!! 

Mart 130 is well worth the short tram ride/drive outside of the city. I do recommend that you do go on weekdays to avoid the wait or come early on weekends!! 

The queue after we left at 10:30 am on a sunday... Makes me anxious just looking at it. 


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