05 July 2013

Proud Mary

Proud Mary
172 Oxford St
Collingwood VIC

T: (03) 9417 5930

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I used to frequent Proud Mary so much the last two years because I used to work around the corner from it. Having not gone there for a year or so because I changed jobs, I discovered that it has made so many small and great improvements. I enjoyed the food so much I went three times in one month!

Potato Hash (Grilled bacon, Spinach, poached egg) $16.5. A definite must order dish for anyone visiting this cafe! It's a unique take on eggs benedict. The dish is slightly heavier and extremely filling , this whole combination is really delicious and works really well together. Instead of hollandaise, they have used bagna cauda which is pretty special because I haven't seen any other place do that before. 

Free range scrambled eggs on sourdough $8.5(with extras: avocado and bacon $4 each) . Proud Mary does a decent scrambled eggs in my opinion. I also like their bacon here too, it's crispy and not too oily either! 

Ricotta Hotcakes with saffron pears, rose mascarpone, toasted almonds $16.5. Three thick, fluffy, large, dense hotcakes....was extremely impressed with this dish! The mascarpone may be overpowering for some people as the taste of rose is quite strong, but I loved it! Also, I was quite surprised that this dish wasn't dry. There was adequate amounts of syrup to keep the hot cakes moist too. Definitely a recommendation for those wanting to try something sweet in the morning!

House smoked salmon with chilli, coriander, mint rosti, crushed avocado, horseradish hollandaise and a poached egg $17.5. This dish was the only let-down in the three times I've been there. The fish was cooked on the outside but inside still was slightly raw which is nice. However, despite the flavours blending well together, my brother commented that it was so bony,  it was too unbearable to eat.

Fig and apricot toast with ricotta and honey $8.5. The small slices of bread packed with large pieces of apricot tasted lovely with generous amounts of ricotta. A nice dish if you're looking for something light in the morning. 

Acai berry smoothie with banana and coconut water $9.5. This is a newly added drink which I haven't tried before. It is slightly more pricier for a drink, but trust me this was definitely one of the reasons I came back to Proud Mary! I really loved this drink and the small grain like texture in it was quite addictive. It's creamy without using icecream/yoghurt which I love and is packed full of nutrients. 

Proud Mary is without a doubt one of the cafes I feel happy to recommend to my friends. Apart from the smoked salmon, the quality of the meals are consistent and will definitely leave you feeling satisfied and full. I recommend coming early during weekends as it does get extremely packed or you may need to wait a while for a table. I will also be coming back to try their famous pork belly sandwich too sometime soon hopefully!!

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