03 July 2013

Collective Espresso

Collective Espresso
3a Cookson St
Camberwell Vic 3124

T: (03) 9882 8995

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Prana Chai Latte $4.50. Cute setup for a chai latte. 

" Collective sigh of relief " -scrambled eggs, native spinach, three types of mushrooms, kaiser bacon, croquette, toast $22. My sister was really happy with her meal! 

Baked cannellini beans, ham hock, labne $14. (with extras: Parmesan rosti, truffled mushrooms $4 each). When the dish arrived, the smell of truffle was so strong -always a sign for a good meal! I shared this dish with my dad hence the extras. The baked beans was a great choice for a cold winter's morning with generous servings of ham hock. The only item missing was a piece of toast which would've completed the meal!! The rosti wasn't bad at all, but I think the croquette was much nicer and more flavoursome too. Mushrooms was extremely tasty and not overwhelming at all! 

Collective Espresso is a small and trendy cafe. They play loud rock (?) music which may not be for everyone's taste ... my dad complained about it throughout the whole breakfast, although I'll agree it was slightly too loud. But overall, I think collective espresso is well worth going! There really wasn't anything to fault with the dishes which were both quite pleasant and service was fast and efficient.