24 June 2013

Wide Open Road

Wide Open Road
274 Barkly street
Brunswick Vic 3056

T: (03) 9387 6079

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I haven't updated in a very long time, I do apologize. But now that exams are over, prepare for lots of food reviews!! During exam period, I had the opportunity to visit this cafe in Brunswick, not once but twice!

Thick cut bacon with gruyere potato cake, poached egg, beetroot relish, rocket & chipotle mayo $18.90.  I think "thick cut" was a bit of an understatement, it was definitely more of a bacon steak. The bacon had a strong smokey flavour and I'll be honest, it was nice. But I did find the size very overwhelming and ended up giving more then 3/4 to my dad. We also got sides because we were sharing the breakfast. Mushrooms & dukkah $4.5 and house goat & chipotle sausages $4.5. My favourite was definitely the mushrooms. The dukkah went together really well! My dad liked the sausages more, but I found the taste too overpowering (the meat smell/taste was too strong).

Free range scrambled eggs on sourdough w. tomato and zucchini relish $10.  A simple combination done well. The eggs were cooked my favourite way (slightly undercooked and runny) and the relish gave me a refreshing break from just eating eggs alone. Definitely liked this more then the thick cut bacon! 

Housemade smoked fishcakes with poached eggs, salsa verde & radish fennel salad $17.50. Chaz chose this dish and I didn't get an opportunity to try it.

Wide Open Road certainly has a lot of interesting choices on their menu compared to other Melbourne cafes. It's definitely a decent pram friendly cafe and gets extremely busy! If you do decide to come, don't make the same mistake as me and pay for parking when there is free three hour parking around the corner from the cafe near the super market/Kmart. 

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