27 June 2013

Pancake Dessert House Eatery

Pancake Dessert House Eatery
Mid city Arcade
18/200 Bourke st Melbourne
Vic 3000
T: 9663 1400

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Salt and pepper deep fried chicken $9.80 (but with upgrade to fried rice $11.80).  This has got to be one of my favourite indulgent foods ever! I really enjoyed the chicken rib/wing pieces which were  heavily battered in a salt and pepper spice mix and weren't overly oily. So addictive!! I always think that if you're already eating something so unhealthy, you might as well go the whole way! That's why I decided to upgrade to the fried rice which was filled with lightly fried broken egg. I preferred this fried rice compared to other Chinese restaurants because it was more dry. 

Dessert house has always been my favourite for Hongkong cafe style food, whether it's for a takeaway meal or eat-in. They also have other standout dishes such as the lemongrass pork chop, or DIY noodles. It's definitely a great choice for those days when you just want to eat casual Chinese meals or just in need a quick and cheap feed. 

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