12 June 2013

Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor
7/206 Bourke st
Melbourne Vic

T: (03) 9663 1138

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Kon Loh Wonton mee with fried wontons $13. My favourite part of this dish was definitely the homemade noodles (their specialty). It was so chewy and bouncy which went super well with the spicy-soy sauce. The fried wontons were a bonus too, so crispy!!

Fish head soup noodle $12.  This dish is a sour and spicy fish soup where the fish flavour is extremely strong. Apart from the large fish head, there's also pickles, tomatoes and thin noodles. My first impression was that the taste was quite weird as it had a fish taste and a subtle sweet/sour aftertaste. But after having a few more bites, I found it quite enjoyable and just wanted to have more and more of it. Also, the size of this dish was LARGE, my sister and mum both shared this and it was still a struggle. 

Kangkung belachan $17. We definitely needed some vegetables to balance out all the dishes. Can't go wrong with this classic dish!

Kon Loh wonton mee $11.  R chose the same dish as me, except this was with egg noodles and no chilli sauce. Although nothing was wrong with the dish, he would've preferred it with chilli sauce.

Panfried homemade tofu w. belachan $16.  I know this dish doesn't look very appealing, let me assure you, it's quite delicious! Inside is a homemade tofu which reminds me of japanese tofu, very soft and light which goes quite well with the shrimp paste sauce. Although the taste does get overpowering after a while, I definitely recommend people to share this as a side dish.  I can only recall another place which makes this tofu so it's very unique and hard to come by in my opinion! 

I always come to Jalan Alor if I'm feeling Malaysian food. The food is consistent and service is extremely friendly. But what makes this place stand out is their unique dishes that aren't in other Malaysian restaurants and their drinks (which I forgot to take pictures of this time). So many to choose from!! Will definitely return whether its for dine-in or takeaway! 

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