12 June 2013


97 Errol St
North Melbourne Vic

T: (03) 9329 0693

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Beetroot eggs $16 (plus mushrooms $19). This dish originally comes with spinach, but after a week of green smoothies, I couldn't handle any more green leaves so I switched it to bacon. I've said several times that it's hard for me to find places that cook bacon decently and nicely, but Fandango is definitely one of those places! I really enjoyed everything of this dish especially the beetroot relish which goes surprisingly well. It's quite a big serving too as I struggled to finish it despite it being so delicious. 

French toast $17.50.  I tried a bit of S's french toast and thought it was quite nice! It was obvious bread had soaked up enough egg mixture and wasn't dry in the middle at all. 

All in all, I couldn't find any faults in the dishes I tried today. Fandango, which is next to Auction Rooms,  is also quite close to Melbourne Univeristy and Monash University (Parkville), so will definitely be returning! PS: perfect opportunity to go to Beatrix and get some cakes as it is close by too :))

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