26 June 2013

Earl Canteen Collins Place

Earl Canteen
55 Collins st Melbourne
Vic 3000 

T: (03) 9663 8445

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I was so excited to hear about EARL canteen opening up close to my workplace that I rushed over there the first day they opened! It's hidden in the corner of Collins place opposite the pharmacy. Apart from made to order rolls, they have ready to go sandwiches, super salads and a daily soup. The service is super efficient with no long queues (even at peak lunch time) and the roll came out in nice packaging within five minutes of ordering!

Crisp skin free-range pork belly roll with apple&fennel coleslaw and silverbeet $13.50.  I was in bliss for the first few bites of this as there was generous amounts of crispy pork crackling. But after that, I felt that the roll was just overly salty. The coleslaw only added to the flame and didn't do any justice to the roll. I was pretty disappointed and not satisfied at all, especially as it was at a premium price for a sandwich. 

Despite my subaverage experience, I decided to go again a week later (I convinced myself that the pork belly roll must've been off because it was their first day opening there). 

Roast pumpkin with gorgonzola, candied walnuts, braised leek and parsley $11. I was more impressed this time!! I loved the combination of the sweet mashed pumpkin and cheese, but the addition of crunchy toffee walnuts was definitely the highlight and really really worked well. Although, I thought the braised leek and parsley was too overpowering and didn't match together nicely with the other ingredients, but who says you can't pick it out.....?! 

The two experiences left me with mixed feelings. It's definitely a more upmarket roll place compared to the other sandwich bars nearby. If you're looking for something a bit more unique or sick of having a vietnamese pork roll or chicken schnitzel roll for lunch, maybe give EARL canteen a try. 

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