09 May 2013


Yo-Chi self serve frozen yoghurt
292 Carlisle st
Balaclava Vic 3183

T: (03) 9527 7001

Yo-Chi Self Serve Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

Yo-Chi is without a doubt one of my to-go places for frozen yoghurt. It is self serve and the cost is calculated by the weight of the yoghurt ($2.80 per 100 grams).  They have lots of options for toppings including fresh fruit, boba, but they also have the standard dried snacks such as nuts, chocolate, halva etc. BUT, what sets apart yo-chi from other froyo places is most definitely the yoghurt flavours and HOT CARAMEL BANANAS (!!).  My favourite combination thus far is honey soybean and hot caramel bananas (so simple, but they go so well together). 

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