26 May 2013


1 Cobden st
North Melbourne Vic

T: (03) 9326 8834

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Side dishes : Spring onion, onion, kimchi and fish cake (complimentary). These were quite tasty and the waitress always refilled them promptly. 

Ox tongue $ 18. I personally don't eat ox tongue but every time we go here my family loves ordering it. (I'll assume that it must be quite nice then). 

Wagyu short rib fillet $34.  I quite enjoyed this beef. Although it didn't melt in my mouth immediately, the more I chewed on it, the more oil which came out of it. Very enjoyable.

Spicy pork belly $16. Generous sized pork belly that wasn't too fatty. In my opinion,  most places that have spicy pork belly in korean bbq really isn't spicy. This was definitely more flavoursome though. 

Chilled buckwheat cold noodle soup $14. One of my favourite dishes! In this dish, you cut up the noodles into smaller pieces and add vinegar and mustard. There's also pear in the dish which might sound weird at first, but matches super well. It's also quite a refreshing dish to have in the summer time. 

Budae Jigae $32. Aka spicy sausage stew. This is definitely one of my must order at most korean restaurants. Luncheon meat, sausage, rice cake, kimchi, pork, ramen and zucchini in a spicy hot soup is so comforting on a cold autumn day. I thought this one was especially delicious as the soup wasn't overly watery and the toppings were so plentiful too!

Yeonga remains one of my most often frequented korean restaurants. The quality of the food is quite high, environment is clean and staff and service is extremely great too. The staff here are so attentive that before I even rang the bell for assistance, they had already come to the table. But, what I LOVE about this place is that you do not smell like korean bbq afterwards AT ALL!!  I can personally vouch for this because I've come here 5-6 times already and not once have I come out smelling unpleasant. They also have a few banquet sets with so much variety which are actually better value to order rather then a la carte. It's definitely a korean restaurant that I can recommend to all my friends to have a great time at! 

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