12 May 2013

Wat Da Pho

Wat Da Pho
212 Clarendon St
South Melbourne Vic 3205

T: 9696 5605

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Prawn spring rolls $9.80. (Two servings shown above). Hands down, the nicest presentation of spring rolls I've seen. Taste wise, they were crispy and tasted like what spring rolls should, but nothing outstanding. 

Classic Pho (Sliced rare beef and beef brisket)$9.80.  Wat da Pho boasts of a MSG-free soup which made the soup base taste less rich and flavoursome. This time we opted not to have the beef brisket, instead just had the rare beef which is a lot more thinly sliced then the restaurants in Richmond. Size wise, the serving isn't very large either. Also pictured in the image above is the passionfruit and pineapple smoothie $5.50. The smoothie is refreshing and not sour at all. It's also the size of a large boost smoothie (or bigger!!) so  definitely good value for money.  

Overall, I'm not a big pho enthusiast, however, I didn't mind Wat Da Pho. The environment felt very clean and the decor is quirky. The things I liked about this place was the presentation and the thinly sliced beef in the pho which will be enough to prompt me to return to this place if I ever get cravings.

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