08 May 2013

Warra Warra

Warra Warra
Shop 19-20, 251 Bourke st
Melbourne Vic 3000

T: 9662 2077

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Soft tofu seafood mix soup $14.70. This soup was enough for three people to have a decent try of the soup. However, I felt that the soup was quite bland (tasted more like water) and wasn't spicy at all.

Spicy pork bulgogi $17.50. The pork belly was definitely more sweet then spicy (maybe my tolerance for spicy food is too high!!). The serving size is quite large though. 

Mussel Toppoki in sweet chilli sauce $17.50. Rice cake is without a doubt one of my must-orders at korean restaurants. This one had lots of mussels and chewy rice cake. But there was a grainy texture present on all the rice cake from the sauce which didn't taste nice at all :(

Overall, I tried really hard to like this restaurant. The presentation is probably one of the nicest I've seen coming from a cheap-eats korean joint. They have a seriously large menu and service is also extremely attentive. But I think I will have to give it a miss for dinner next time, the food just wasn't tasty to me.

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