08 May 2013

Le Miel et la lune

Le miel et la lune
330 cardigan st
Carlton Vic 3053

T: 9043 9767

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Big Breakfast - Scrambled eggs w. bacon, mushroom, slow roasted tomato and tomato relish ~$18. The bacon looked limp, burnt and not crisp at all. I decided to give it to B without eating it (I'll be honest....I normally don't eat bacon unless it looks really good....). He commented that it wasn't great and struggled to finish it. However, the rest of the breakfast was quite nice especially the eggs. The scrambled eggs were done the way I like them, not fully cooked and slightly runny still. The mushrooms and tomatoes were decent and nothing to fault. 

Overall, I quite liked Le miel et la lune and I would definitely find myself returning. The cakes/desserts also look appetising too and I regretted not trying one out this visit. The cafe's convenient location (5-10 minute walk from Melbourne Uni) and quality of food compared to everything nearby is definitely an additional factor too.  Next time I come, i'll probably try the french toast which looks super appealing (I had a case of food envy when the table next to me ordered THREE plates of it). 

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