05 May 2013

La Luna Bistro

La Luna Bistro
320 Rathdowne st
Carlton North Vic 3054

T: (03) 9349 4888

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Freshly shucked oysters $3.95 each. I wasn't going to eat this because I don't like oysters at all hence did not note down where they were from. But after my sister ate one and insisted it was reaaaallly nice, i tried one. Texture was not overly chewy  (good!) and not sandy at all but I couldn't stand the fishy aftertaste that came. 

Crackling wrapped roll of roast pork, roasted vegetables, balsamic shallots $39.50. The crackling on this roast pork was done so well I can guarantee lots of crunching ensued. The serving doesn't seem too big but definitely does fill you up lots. However I felt that the apple slaw and sides were drenched in too much sauce and didn't serve to balance out the heaviness of the pork.

Flat iron steak (bellie cut) 250 gm w spinach and salsa verde $31.50. Although I didn't try this dish my dad commented that it wasn't bad but was slightly too rare (they can only cook this dish medium rare), which made it quite chewy. Enjoyable and acceptable but not the best he's had. 

Filet mignon wrapped in bacon 200 gm with buttered beans $45.50 (medium rare). My sister had this and commented that the serving was quite large but very nicely cooked to her tastes.

Sides($9.50 each): Broccoli, almonds, proscuitto and manchego. This combination is the bomb! Adequate amounts of manchego and proscuitto to not make the dish boring but such an addictive combination. House fries. Chips are always a must order for us at western restaurants. However these came out soggy and warm..they didn't hit the spot unfortunately. We also had the mushroooms with garlic and butter which were nice and such a big serving. Definitely worthwhile ordering and great value too considering the serving. 


rolled pavlova, mascarpone, poached quince 
vanilla bean creme brulee sesame tulle 
caramel panna cotta with poached pear
all $16.75

We waited 40 minutes for dessert to come out (because they forgot the order), and all three desserts were waived off the bill! Taste wise, my favourite was the pannacotta, not overly sweet with subtle caramel flavour. The pear gave it some extra texture too. The creme brulee had a crunchy top (like all should!!) but was slightly burnt. That being said, the vanilla bean cream was so nice and creamy to eat which made up for the burnt top. Pavlova was sweet and presented quite nicely. Overall all three desserts were added a nice finishing touch to a heavy meal and we were extremely happy and satisfied demolishing them off easily! 

Overall, La luna bistro definitely has the bistro feel (they had cloth napkins and wooden chairs) making it a semi-casual place to enjoy dinner without having to dress up. Service was definitely good with our waitress being attentive and resolving the dessert issue immediately. Food-wise, there wasn't any total misses but nothing that i extremely loved except for the desserts. I do however envision myself coming back with friends to enjoy a pleasant western meal in a relaxed atmosphere but it does veer on the slightly pricier side. 

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