11 May 2013

Hammer and Tong

Hammer and Tong
Rear of 412 Brunswick st
Fitzroy Vic 3065

T: 9041 6033

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Watermelon, apple and mint juice $6. A very refreshing drink, loved it!

Gratin cornmeal cake, wild mushrooms and fontina cheese $18. When the dish came, I was surprised by how small it was, but despite its size, it was super filling. The two corn cakes were lightly panfried and wasn't overly cheesy either. My favourite part of this dish was definitely the mushrooms which were cooked with truffle oil. Such a surprise!! With the addition of the cheese, the whole dish went together REALLY well. (I actually didn't want to share this with my friends 'cos I enjoyed it lots haha). 

Spiced corn fritters, avocado, sour cream, chilli jam, tomato and poached/fried egg $17. My friends both tried this dish and quite enjoyed it. Having tried it previously (twice!), these corn fritters are nicely cooked with a crunchy outer layer. The subtle spicy flavour also adds a nice touch. 

Overall, I often find my self coming back to hammer and tong. I definitely have enjoyed the food each time, service is pleasant and the wait is never longer then 20 minutes during peak periods. In my opinion, it's a brunch place definitely worth trying! 

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