21 May 2013

Green Refectory

Green Refectory
115 Sydney Road
Brunswick Vic 3056

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Breakfast stack (potato pattie, bacon, grilled tomato, spinach, haloumi cheese and poached egg) $10. I quite liked this dish because there was so much variety! Everything was cooked quite well. I was pretty surprised at the bacon because even that was decently done i.e crisp! But the only gripe I had was that the spinach was definitely burnt and wasn't very appealing. Despite that, definitely rate this the best $10 breakfast I've had.  

Breakfast Burrito (scrambled egg, mushroom, tomato, oregano &parsley wrapped in a tortilla) $10.  My friend had this so I didn't get to try it! I'll assume it's good cos she finished it. 

Strawberry cream sponge cake/Strawberry short cake ~$4. You can't leave Green without trying one of their MASSIVE cakes. I kid you not, this was the size of my hand. The sponge was slightly dry but the generous amount of cream made up for it. So satisfying and fulfilling. I recommend sharing their cakes with someone else. 

I found Green Refectory to be a wholesome and unpretentious cafe. They have so many choices of foods to eat, there's even pies, sushi and salads too. I feel that the quality of food is slightly better then what it's worth too. Overall, it's a cheap eat worth visiting near Monash (Parkville)/Melbourne uni that will fill you up for the whole day! 

Previously tried:
Passionfruit icing cream sponge cake. This one was so YUM as well. 

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