12 May 2013

Fifty Acres

Fifty Acres
65 Bridge road
Richmond Vic 3121

T: (03) 9421 0296

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Soy chai latte $4.50. The chai latte comes automatically with soy milk, a tad bit weak in flavour.

Fifty acres breakfast -eggs, toulouse sausage, roast tomato, balsamic mushrooms, potato rosti, bacon and tomato relish $18. I'll admit I didn't eat the sausage (personal preference...). HOWEVER, I did eat the bacon for once because it looked so good, and it was indeed! It was crispy and not overly salty. I also wished they gave a bigger portion of the potato rosti because it was so nice. The mushrooms however were slightly too strong in flavour for me. 

Balsamic roasted mushrooms on brioche with chilli butter, soft boiled egg and cucumber labneh $15. My friend tried this dish and commented that the brioche was too dry and the flavour of the mushroom and labneh didn't balance each other out. Such a shame, because the egg looks perfectly boiled, just like the ones in ramen noodles should be cooked like. 

Overall, I found my experience at Fifty Acres to be average. Food-wise, their menu offers typical Melbourne brunch fare and nothing too exciting. That being said, I think there's a dish that caters for every individual's taste. I thought the big breakfast was decently cooked.  Would I return...? Yes, if I was shopping in the area but I wouldn't go out of my way to go here. 

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