06 May 2013

Don Tojo

Don Tojo
164 Cardigan St
Carlton Vic 3053

T: N/A

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Tofu Curry don $5.90.  This is essentially two large and solid pieces of tofu (dry and hard) combined with a tasty but MSG-laden curry sauce. It is decently sized and the addition of the pickles gave it refreshing break with the overly salty curry sauce. 

Overall, Don Tojo is about five minutes away from Melbourne Uni Law library. It is a great place to eat be in and out within twenty minutes (the meal came out within three minutes!!). Food wise, it was indeed very flavoursome but after eating this I was definitely prepared to go to sleep. Don Tojo has a dark atmosphere and tables aren't cleared quickly enough hence a pile up of dishes on several tables. But for an extremely quick meal during exam period and for great value too, I'm not complaining.

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