31 May 2013

Brunswick st Alimentari

Brunswick st Alimentari
251 Brunswick st
Brunswick Vic 3065

T: (03) 9416 2001

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Meatballs with Polenta $15. The serving of meatballs (I believe it was veal and pork) was extremely generous and tasted quite delicious. I thought there wasn't enough polenta wasn't enough to balance the amount of meatballs though. But nonetheless, this was a very wintery and hearty dish, perfect for those cold days!

Panfried gnocchi with mushroom ragu and reggiano $16. Ray commented that the first bites were quite good especially with the gnocchi being panfried which adds flavour. But it was quite filling and also a large serving which made it difficult to finish. 

Spaghetti alla bolognese $18.  LL commented that the pasta on this was al dente (which is rare for most places because they over cook it!). There was obviously too much meat compared to spaghetti though. For me, it wasn't the best bolognese that I've had, but definitely noticeably better quality then the ones from Italian chain restaurants. Again, the serving size was very big (hard for one person with a big appetite to finish).

I quite liked my visit to Brunswick st Alimentari. It also has a deli joined to it which is also interesting to browse. Also available to purchase are a large variety of sandwiches to go as well as some small cakes to enjoy with your coffee. With so much competition around the area, I think this cafe's doing quite alright! Next time I'll come back to try their breakfast menu (which I originally wanted to.) 


  1. SUET SUET!!!! It's Lisa :) (badasiandriver lol)
    Had no idea you had a blog! Love it so much, I should be studying but I'm reading through all the posts instead. We should go out for brunch soon! Good luck on your exams xx


    1. Hey Lisa, thanks for coming by!! haha yes, brunch soon!! All the best for your exams : ))))