13 May 2013

Aka Siro

Aka Siro
106 Cambridge St
Collingwood Vic 3066

T: (03) 9417 0886

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Left: white Rovinvale grape juice (with sparkling water) $5.00. Loved this drink! It had a strong grape flavour and wasn't as sweet as a soft drink. Right: Home made lemonade $6.00. I didn't like this drink at all, reminded me of a honey lemon drink you have when you're sick. 

Ton Pei (omelet filled with pan-fried sliced pork belly w jp BBQ sauce and QP mayo) $17. A homestyle cooked omelette which was quite tasty but I think the sauces were slightly overpowering so I couldn't distinguish whether I was eating the egg or pork belly. 

Minchi-katsu (deep fried beef and pork mince patty cutlet with panco and JP BBQ sauce) $16. This was my favourite dish out of everything we ordered. The patties reminded me of Shanghainese lion head dish, but deep fried. Definitely worth ordering! 

Chan-chan-yaki (grilled salmon, chinese cabbage, pumpkin w sake, organic hatcho miso sauce) $18. I liked this dish, it was light and not oily or too salty at all! 

Navy curry (Japanese style curry w spices, carrot and chicken stock) $8. This curry was extremely different from the ones I've made at home. It was a lot richer and the spicy taste was extremely pleasant. I quite enjoyed this one too! 

Atsu-Age (Fried tofu w sweet potato, eggplant, shimeji mushroom, simmered w spicy miso  and dashi stock) $16. I liked that the tofu was the dense type which absorbed a lot of the stock's flavour. However, I think the stew was more spicy and sour. It's a dish that's definitely suitable for the coming winter days. Side accompaniments include: cole-slaw salad with carrot puree on top which was crunchy and refreshing. Home made miso soup and unlimited rice. 

Aka Siro is definitely one of Melbourne's authentic Japanese restaurants serving homestyle cooked meals. The service here is excellent, the decor is extremely cute too. I truly enjoyed every single one of the dishes. The menu has many options that are delicious and hard to find elsewhere,  especially at reasonable prices, why wouldn't I come back?! 

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