29 April 2013


131 Bourke st 
Melbourne Vic
T: (03) 9639 1296

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Chirashi sushi and udon lunch set $22.50. A fresh assortment of sashimi on sushi rice with simple udon!! What's not to love about it!

Overall, Heirloom is a decent japanese restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere in which people can quickly finish their lunch within an hour. It's definitely one of my go-to places when I'm in a rush. The food is refreshing and will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Having previously tried almost all their daily $14.50 specials, they too are not to be missed! Also, they play my favourite music (think nujabes, robert de boron, very chilled songs). 

Previously tried:

salmon on truffle mash potato $14.50

Duck confit on eggplant curry $14.50

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