30 March 2014


466 Toorak Road
Toorak Vic 3142
Tel: 9973 8721

Townhouse on Urbanspoon

When I was younger, Toorak Village used to be my go-to place for an after school treat. The best thing there during my time was probably sushi. There weren't any decent cafes around there, hence no reason for me to return back to this area..But finally, one has appeared!! I took (aka thirdwheeled) my sister and her boyfriend here for our last brunch together before they move interstate. 

Both my sister and I ordered the green eggs and ham. I was initially going to get the breakfast burger but decided against it. Thankfully, I turned against my first choice because this was absolutely delicious! Fluffy eggs with just slightest hints of pesto and that lovely vibrant green color definitely left an impression. The large ham hock pieces also had a slightly smoky flavour that matched nicely with sweet/sour pickled onion. The photo does no justice to the meal, but the eggs were sitting of the thickest piece of bread and by the end of the dish, I was stuffed.  No food envy from me for once. 

French toast with side of (extra) crispy bacon 

For someone who eats at a new cafe at least once or twice a week, it is very hard for me to find new brunch places that actually excite me. But I think I finally found a wonderful addition worth coming back to this side of town. 

06 March 2014

D.O.C Expresso

326 Lygon St
Carlton Vic
T: 03 9347 8482

D.O.C. Espresso on Urbanspoon

There's only a handful of restaurants that I would try over and over again on Lygon St (most of them feel like a tourist trap!!).  Whenever I feel like a quick plate of pasta that's actually decent, Carlton Expresso is my go-to place.

My utmost favourite dish that I order most of the time would be the Pappardelle with porcini mushrooms and truffle oil. A simple pasta that isn't overly flavoursome but goes very well together. The piece of baguette also serves as a perfect companion to mop up the excess sauce! Although, compared to most pasta places, I find that they do cook their pasta until it is al-dente or slightly undercooked (which you may or may not like).

Lasagne, a nice choice if you're feeling something a bit heavier or tastier. 

I think i'll continue to return to Carlton Expresso. Their pasta is consistently good! 

Note: It is a cafe, so pay and order first at the counter. 

02 February 2014


130 Collins St
Melbourne Vic 3000

Famish'd Salads & Stuff on Urbanspoon

Ever since I started working full time during the summer holidays, I've been trying few more places around the CBD for lunch. Whenever the weather is overly warm or I'm feeling a guilt free meal, Famish'd is the answer! Pre made salads, D.I.Y salads or a (sweet) potato spud with five choices, there's so many options to chose from.

I normally go for a mix of the pre made salads (because I can never make up my mind and there's a lot of pressure when the long line of office people builds up behind me) which come with seeded or sourdough bread for $11.  Not being one to eat salad frequently or foods like cous cous and chickpeas, I find that each combination of salad is fresh, innovative and really work well together. The servings here are massive and believe me, there has never been one time where I've finished it all. 

Eating out almost everyday, I find it difficult to fit in more vegetables and fruits into my diet. But with Famish'd, it feels like I've reached that daily quota easily! 

18 January 2014


222 Faraday St
Carlton 3053

Pidapipó on Urbanspoon

I have officially survived three days of 40 plus degrees weather. But it definitely was not without the help of having ice cream four times this week .... once or twice being at Pidapip√≥!  

Nutella swirl & coconut $6

Nutella swirl is definitely one for Nutella lovers. It was a lovely surprise when I saw the lady scoop out MORE chocolate to pour over the icecream!! But it does harden very fast which I didn't like.... The coconut gelati , on the other hand, wasn't as sweet so it was a nice change from the nutella. 

Cute packaging securing your gelati on the ride home~

Watermelon, Salted Caramel and Croccante 500 ml $10.

I shared the above combination with two other friends which was more then enough to go around. The Watermelon sorbet was very light and refreshing. The other two flavours were more creamy. The Salted Caramel tasted similarly to these Werther's Original lollies I used to eat like crazy when I was a kid. My personal favourite, however, is Croccante which I purposely came back to eat again. It is fior di latte, a type of mozzarella (!!) which tastes nothing like cheese, but instead, vanilla, with surprise pieces of nut praline. 

It seems like Melbourne's summer has arrived after these last few days and it would be a shame not to come here and cool down with one or two ice creams...! 

13 January 2014

Prospect Expresso

2A Prospect Hill Road
Camberwell VIC 3124

T: (03) 9882 7359

Prospect Espresso on Urbanspoon

Prospect Expresso is a local cafe that lies away from the hustle and bustle of Burke road. Wanting to visit this place for many weeks now, I finally found time one Sunday morning.

R had "The Prospector" ($21) , Prospect Expresso's own version of a big breakfast with poached eggs, mushrooms, avocado, bacon and tomato. Yessss,  it tasted as good as it looked! He didn't complain about the dish at all. 

On the other hand, I had no food envy as I had the prettiest breakfast ever!! The buttermilk panacotta ($12.5) was exactly what I was looking for on a sunny day -a very light dish (and not too filling). The mango mousse was slightly airy which went well with the passionfruit pulp. I liked that the strawberries and raspberries contrasted well against the panacotta too. Although it was an aesthetically pleasing dish, I did end out picking off the green shreds and flowers which gave it a slightly grassy taste. 

Since trying this dish, it has definitely sparked my "slight" obsession for breakfast panacottas now. A worthwhile visit especially if you're visiting to Camberwell market on a Sunday. This cafe is right around the corner and a great option if you don't feel like a jam doughnut or snags for breakfast! 

12 January 2014

Jinda Thai

1-7 Ferguson St
Abbotsford Vic 3067

T: (03) 9419 5899

Jinda Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

After coming back from Singapore I had a lovely catch up with C who I hadn't seen in weeks!! We initially decided to go to somewhere in Smith St but I'm glad I changed my mind and decided to go to this hidden gem off Victoria St instead.

Thai milk tea is a must at most thai restuarants. Jinda's version was pleasantly sweet and helped me wash down the spiciness of the other dishes. 

Large Pork boat noodles with rice vermicelli 

We also ordered a large sized signature Thai Boat noodles which comes with option of pork or beef with a range of different noodles. This was actually the first time I've tried this thai dish. It had a very thin but robust beef flavoured soup which went really nicely with the pork and deep fried pork crackling! The crackling was light and airy as well. I changed the taste of the noodles by adding chilli flakes which was actually a lot more spicier than I anticipated, but the taste was a lot more addictive and tastier. There are also other condiments avaliable like a mix of garlic chilli oil, some kind of vinegar and sugar to adjust the taste to your liking. 

This Red duck curry was really enjoyable!! It was rich and the servings of duck was so generous. I loved that the other ingredients inside the curry included pumpkin which actually goes so well together, lychees, carrots and eggplants. I couldn't help but keep pouring the curry sauce over the coconut rice.

The curry doesn't come with rice so we ordered the Coconut rice. Very fragrant! 

By this point, we were both very full. But I couldn't leave Jinda thai and NOT try their crepe cakes especially after seeing it all over Instagram. The Thai milk tea crepe cake came with two scoops of coconut icecream with coconut pieces in it too! The top of the cake is a panacotta like consistency which is very flavoursome, whilst the rest of the cake is thai milk tea flavoured crepes with cream in between. Although the cake was nice tasting, I personally found that the crepes was slightly too thick. 

We both loved the food here, and needless to say we will be back! There are so many more dishes I want to try as their menu is so broad. I have previously tried this place for dinner and I do recommend to book!! It took me three different nights until I could get a booking, so do plan in advanced. It does get slightly noisy at night, but during lunch time periods it is not as busy and more of a quiet environment for casual catch ups with delicious tasting food at great prices. 

28 November 2013


77 Swanston St
Melbourne Vic 3000

Waffee Waffles+Coffee on Urbanspoon

A new waffle store has opened up in the heart of Melbourne CBD. They have a few different flavours such as white chocolate or milk chocolate topping and a unique raspberry and white chocolate one too. My favourite one from here has got to be the chocolate stick waffle $3.60. Chocolate stick enclosed in the waffle that melts as you eat it! It also has a slightly caramalized texture which is nice and leaves a toffee like after taste feeling. Most of their items vary between 3-4 dollars, so there's nothing stopping me from visiting here for a cheap and quick treat or breakfast!